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Bayando office furnishings for customers and reseller. A grand variety of high quality furnishings at low reasonable costs and short delivery times for shops, agencies, law offices, surgeries, educational institutions, administrative bodies and hotels. Especially If you are looking for a single source furnishing solution, including office desks, office chairs, visitor's chairs, furniture for the senior executive office, lounge area, large-capacity callcenter office, a catering area and office kitchens, we are the just the right partner to work with. We will council you at the right furnishing decisions and help  you in collaboration with architects and interior designers, thus creating concepts for the interior design of your office facility, from scratch to the operational office including space management with a variety of selectable seperation walls from different materials like glass for instance. Our goal is to provide you with a concept including furnishings that underline your indiviadual attitude towards business by adding the right lighting and designer accessoires on top for a seamless appearance. Contact us, we will advise you for free!  Our competent employees will help you make the right selection, fitting for your type of business. Or become a reseller and a partner as part of our ever growing network, Share a variety of high grade modern furnishings and most important our hollistic philosophy in furnishing.

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FUN Series Reception Desks - new colors and shapes

New products, download here.

MDL Series Reception Desks - new colors

OCEAN LINE Series Reception Desks - now in HIGH GLOSS